Lor McQuarrie

Lor McQuarrie
gender Female
First Appearance Crush Test Dummies
Latest Appearance Tino's Dad
hair Orange
family Brothers (the amount is unknown, as Lor never knows the exact number)
friends Carver Rene Descartes, Tino Tonitini, Tish Katsufrakis, Thompson Overman
likes Sports , Thompson Overman and participating in burping & farting contest
dislikes Hard work, soirées, dancing, the funny aftertaste in diet soda
voice actor Grey Delisle

Lor MacQuarrie is one of the main characters. Voiced by Grey Delisle, she is 12 years old and has medium length, straight, strawberry-blonde hair. Lor loves a variety of sports and, although she despises homework, it is revealed in Home @ Work that she can learn more easily when she is interested in something. Lor is incredibly competitive and can sometimes be selfish as seen in Sense and Sensitivity. She is of Scottish descent.

Lor is labled the 'jock & tomboy' of the group, and is the most atheltic out of all the friends.

Lor has a very large family, with many brothers, so many she forgets how many she has. Lor and her family celebrate Christmas with their extended family (which is also unusually large), as revealed in The Worst Holiday Ever.

Lor's parents are Billy Bob McQuarrie and Lorraine Almaden, Sr.

She has around 14 brothers, and more than one is called Danny.


  • Lori is the first character of the group to be shown to have a crush.
  • She had a childhood piggy bank name Piggy Mcbankinton but broke it inorder to do her family laundry
  • Lori has only wore high heels 3 times in the show
    • In "Makeover" when Christie and Candy gave her a makeover.
    • In "Tutor" when she tried to impress Thomas.
    • In "Dinner Party" but is unable to walk straight.
She also have likes for kids shown in episode 19 .