• Standard Outfit - A navy blue t-shirt with white lining and a white 'M' with
    little wings on it. Light blue jeans, blue shoes.
  • - Red t-shirt with blue sleeves and a football on it. Jeans and sneakers.
  • - Red and white striped t-shirt that bares her midriff with jeans and sneakers.
  • - Red opened zip up sweatshirt, with a white undershirt. Jeans, sneakers, and a backwards baseball cap with a baseball on it.
  • - Gray tee shirt with navy blue sleeves and a red star on it. Jeans and sneakers.
  • - Gray hoodie with red and black stripes on the sleeves. Shorts with a similar stripe design on the sides and sneakers.
Her hair can hang to her shoulders, Or have it in a rather stubbly ponytail.