There are multiple running gags throughout The Weekenders:

  • The constantly changing themes of the pizza place (one weekend it's Kosher Pizza, and another it's Pizzakaust).
  • A reference to Lor's many brothers and Lor never being quite sure exactly how many there are.
  • Tino's single mother serving foods of highly questionable origin (Such as kelp ravioli and spinach Jell-O cones).
  • Daisy May Draggentowski's poor people skills.
  • Carver's obsession with proving that he is not 'magic'.
  • Whenever Mrs. Katsufrakis says something, Tish says what she means, and Mrs. Katsufrakis then says: "is what I say (That's what I said)." (e.g.: In the episode To Tish, Mrs. Katsufrakis says "I leave you to kitchen my cup." when she really meant "I leave you to kiss and make up.")
  • One of the group members always summing things up and ends an episode with the statement "Later days".
  • Tino's tendency to break out into immature rants whenever he sees something inappropriate.
  • The kids' teacher, Mr. Hossinfeld, referring to something as "a kick in the pants".
  • Lor's constant desperation to relieve herself.
  • Christie and Candi's mischievous nature and scheming.
  • Tino becoming glued to various objects, such as beach towels and trees.
  • Carver's obsession with shoes & coolness.
  • Lor's tendency to overhear and misinterpret conversations of others.
  • Buffy's level-headed responses to even the craziest of situations.